Year-End Operating Expenses – They’re Forthcoming

Want to avoid overpaying on your lease?  Ask for an audit right.   Click here to learn how: Avoid Overpayments with Audit Right … [Read more...]

Hot Market – Hollywood

The planned consolidation of four major television networks in a new building in Hollywood indicates the growing importance of the office environment. "Tenants are willing to travel across markets for the right space ... And tenants are paying attention to branding opportunities and what statement their real estate makes." Read more from the LA Times article about the 180,000 square foot deal, Viacom signs 12-year lease at Columbia Square in Hollywood. … [Read more...]

Now this is creative office space!

Whole Foods Market's new Southern Pacific Regional Headquarters epitomizes the current trends in office design, while capturing the spirit of the brand, in an amazing space.   Design: Wirt Design Group / Photography: Art Gray   For more pictures and information, check out the Office Snapshot!     … [Read more...]

The LA Times Agrees with us – the office market is tightening

As vacancy rates fall and rental prices jump, Tenants should address their leases sooner rather than later.  Read the LA Times Article: "Southern California office leasing market boosted by job growth" … [Read more...]

Finally, a law that ensures Tenants sit at an even negotiating table with Landlords!

At Mazirow Commercial, we have always strictly represented the tenant, avoiding the inherent conflict of interest in the standard brokerage model. Generally, this is not the case with the majority of commercial real estate firms, which often favor the landlord without the tenant’s knowledge; however, there is a new Senate Bill that will be very advantageous to tenants.  On August 15, a broker agency disclosure bill (SB 1171) was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown. Unlike in … [Read more...]

Pacific Comp represented by Mazirow Commercial in lease negotiations

was represented by Mazirow Commercial in lease negotiations for 45,053 sq.ft. for the relocation of their Corporate Headquarters. "Mazirow Commercial handled all aspects of our lease from start to finish. Sheryl made it a point to understand our changing needs, found viable options, negotiated appropriate terms and conditions, and represented us every step of the way. It has been a pleasure to deal with such a professional and exceptional Advisor/Advocate." - Jan Frank, CEO Denise … [Read more...]

Speaking Leasenese: The Secret Language of CRE Leases

You're a business owner, or, you might be planning to open up the doors to your very own operation. This means you’ve developed specialized, expert lingo within your industry like it was your mother tongue, and have commanded  the art of having hard-ball business conversations without breaking a sweat. You may even be bi-lingual, or multi-lingual because of your business, and are extremely knowledgeable about industry terms in those many  languages . If this is the case, you might think that … [Read more...]

CRE Class is in Session: Learn the 3 Different Types of Office Spaces

Generally speaking commercial office buildings are classified into three divisions: Class A, Class B, and Class C. Every category varies in relation to regional markets. This classification system helps to rationalize real estate market data  and standardize the myriad of differences between buildings. Because it’s virtually impossible to create a perfect system around so many variables, the system is continually developed more as and art rather than a science. Sheryl Mazirow, Southern … [Read more...]

The Zen of Office Moving: How to Smoothly Relocate Your Business

Just like moving from one living space to another, moving your office or relocating your business can be just as chaotic (if not more!). The first and best thing you can do to save yourself from a major stress-induced meltdown, is to partner with a tenant representative to help with the monumental move.  Or team at Mazirow Commercial, Inc. has over 30 years of experience with the many aspects of strategic business relocation and design including: - Prospective company growth - … [Read more...]

4 Laws For Finding a New Office

Looking for, or moving into a new office space is an exciting time. It means your business or organization is growing, expanding or heading in a fresh direction. All these changes can easily leave you scrambling to find your new office as fast as possible. But never, ever rush this process out of excitement or pressure. Often companies are quick to pull the trigger and sign a lease when the landlord has done a good job of ensuring the place is “clean”, and up to par with your new office … [Read more...]