Welcome to the brave, new world of office space..

While it sounds like this could “only happen in Los Angeles,” the trend of creative office space has spread throughout the nation, so get ready for a new and fascinating era of working in an office that is 180-degrees opposite of “our father’s office space.” Click here to learn more!           … [Read more...]

Exciting Things For Office Tenants In Warner Center!

Proposed Ohm Square in Warner Center is a 369,000 square foot project consisting of high-end apartments and retail.  Second phase will incorporate a 19 -story hi-rise office tower! Mixed-Use Looks to Move Into Warner Center … [Read more...]

Facebook’s new campus exemplifies office trends

The design of office space and office buildings continues to be as progressive as technology. Creating a collaborative office environment, often with no private offices, is believed to be the wave of the future. Facebook's new office building certainly reflects this trend, which is no surprise. Click here to read the LA Times article about this new space, designed by Frank Gehry. … [Read more...]

State of the market – expensive!

Major Landlords are raising their rates by 1.5% a month. Annual increases are rising to 4%. Acting now will result in lower occupancy cost; do not wait. And the LA Times agrees with us.. Read the article: "LA County office market tightens in first quarter" Don't forget: what drives pricing is competition and market knowledge. Call us today!! … [Read more...]

Tenants be VIGILANT re: CAM & Operating Expenses & Reconciliations

CAM and Operating Expense Protection!  Shortly Landlords will be forwarding the reconciliation for 2014 and a projection for 2015 CAM and Operating Expenses.  These costs must be reviewed in detail to ensure Tenants are being charged appropriately. Leases typically provide a 30 to 60 day window to review.  Click here for strategies to address CAM and Operating Expenses during lease negotiations.  Please call our office at (805) 449-1945 to discuss any concerns you may have. … [Read more...]

Not Your Father’s Office

Break rooms are getting an upgrade.. Read the LA Times article:  Companies recast office break room as collaborative work space … [Read more...]

Year-End Operating Expenses – They’re Forthcoming

Want to avoid overpaying on your lease?  Ask for an audit right.   Click here to learn how: Avoid Overpayments with Audit Right … [Read more...]

The LA Times Agrees with us – the office market is tightening

As vacancy rates fall and rental prices jump, Tenants should address their leases sooner rather than later.  Read the LA Times Article: "Southern California office leasing market boosted by job growth" … [Read more...]

Speaking Leasenese: The Secret Language of CRE Leases

You're a business owner, or, you might be planning to open up the doors to your very own operation. This means you’ve developed specialized, expert lingo within your industry like it was your mother tongue, and have commanded  the art of having hard-ball business conversations without breaking a sweat. You may even be bi-lingual, or multi-lingual because of your business, and are extremely knowledgeable about industry terms in those many  languages . If this is the case, you might think that … [Read more...]

CRE Class is in Session: Learn the 3 Different Types of Office Spaces

Generally speaking commercial office buildings are classified into three divisions: Class A, Class B, and Class C. Every category varies in relation to regional markets. This classification system helps to rationalize real estate market data  and standardize the myriad of differences between buildings. Because it’s virtually impossible to create a perfect system around so many variables, the system is continually developed more as and art rather than a science. Sheryl Mazirow, Southern … [Read more...]