How is Commercial Office Space Measured?

Do you know if you are overpaying for your lease based on the space in your commercial building? Most tenants are unaware if they are overpaying because the guidelines for measuring commercial space are developed in the landlord’s favor, not the tenant’s. How do you measure commercial office space to know if you are being fairly charged or paying for a lost use of space?   The Guidelines There are two elements in measuring commercial office space: useable space and rentable space. … [Read more...]

Reconciliation of Operating Expenses and Estimates Statements

It’s the time of the year again when Tenants receive their Reconciliation for the past year and Estimate Statements for the current year for the operational costs for their office building from their Landlords.   Office leases are generally structured as a Full-Service Gross (FSG) lease or a Modified Gross lease (MG) that allow for Landlords to “pass-through” the increase in costs of operating their office building over the first-year’s operating expenses, which is included in the … [Read more...]

Finally, a law that ensures Tenants sit at an even negotiating table with Landlords!

At Mazirow Commercial, we have always strictly represented the tenant, avoiding the inherent conflict of interest in the standard brokerage model. Generally, this is not the case with the majority of commercial real estate firms, which often favor the landlord without the tenant’s knowledge; however, there is a new Senate Bill that will be very advantageous to tenants.  On August 15, a broker agency disclosure bill (SB 1171) was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown. Unlike in … [Read more...]

Speaking Leasenese: The Secret Language of CRE Leases

You're a business owner, or, you might be planning to open up the doors to your very own operation. This means you’ve developed specialized, expert lingo within your industry like it was your mother tongue, and have commanded  the art of having hard-ball business conversations without breaking a sweat. You may even be bi-lingual, or multi-lingual because of your business, and are extremely knowledgeable about industry terms in those many  languages . If this is the case, you might think that … [Read more...]

4 Laws For Finding a New Office

Looking for, or moving into a new office space is an exciting time. It means your business or organization is growing, expanding or heading in a fresh direction. All these changes can easily leave you scrambling to find your new office as fast as possible. But never, ever rush this process out of excitement or pressure. Often companies are quick to pull the trigger and sign a lease when the landlord has done a good job of ensuring the place is “clean”, and up to par with your new office … [Read more...]

6 Things Landlords Will Never Tell You

6 Things Landlords Will Never Tell You: 1. If your office building is facing foreclosure, your lease may be extinguished, unless you have negotiated a Subordination, Nondisturbance and Attornment (SNDA agreement). 2. You can negotiate a right to cancel your lease. For a minor cost, this flexibility can be provided. 3. You can negotiate the right to sublease a certain percentage of your space without Landlord's participation. 4. Don't pay for parking you do not need - negotiate the "Right … [Read more...]

Parking Secrets Every Commercial Tenant Needs to Know

If you live in Southern California, you know that the perfect parking space is a tiny slice prime real estate when it comes to your business. You also know that depending on your type of business, your clients and customers can always appreciate convenient, or fare free parking when visiting your office building. Most commercial leases will address parking in a specific clause within the contract. Don’t overlook the specific details within this clause. According to the square footage of your … [Read more...]


The Strategies! Click here. Time often evaporates and tenants face the high cost of holdover rent. The four strategies addressed in the attached article will soften the impact. Mazirow Commercial is an Advocate for you the Tenant and never represents Landlords - no conflict of interest that is inherent in the standard brokerage model. Mazirow Commercial is always there for you, let us start working on your behalf today! Vacancy is being reduced, rates are raising and concessions are … [Read more...]

Really Great Employee Benefits

RGEB Really Great Employee Benefits was represented by Mazirow Commercial, Inc. in the relocation and expansion of their offices. Dear Sheryl: Thank you! I cannot say that with enough enthusiasm. You have been such a wonderful asset in all our moves but this one was the best. The space is just what we need and you negotiated a wonderful lease. I also want to thank you for everyone you referred me to help with the move - you and they made it possible for me to keep our company growing while … [Read more...]

25 Cents Could Save You Thousands

The profitability of a business is directly impacted by the cost of office space. For example, a 25¢ differential for a 5,000 square-foot lease for a period of 5 years is $75,000. And that comes out of your pocket. What We Offer.To get the best lease possible you need to be in the same powerful and informed position as landlords. That’s what Mazirow Commercial provides you with. The expertise, proven negotiating strategies and in-depth commercial real estate knowledge that puts you on equal … [Read more...]