How to Save Rent Dollars on Commercial Leases

Landlords lease office space 365 days a year, widening their potential for profit and negotiating to their advantage. When leasing commercial office space, there are several things to consider that tenants may not be aware of before they sign on the dotted line. How can businesses save rent dollars on their commercial office lease? Mazirow Commercial reveals what you can do to save money and the services you can utilize at no cost to secure the best deal. … [Read more...]

Unlocking the Mystery Between Usable vs. Rentable Square Feet

The difference between the usable square footage and rentable square footage can be a determining factor in selecting the most efficient office space for the location of your business. One the of questions tenants have about their commercial lease is: Why am I paying rent on more space than I occupy? Tenants frequently misunderstand the concept of usable square footage vs. rentable square footage. Mazirow Commercial, Inc. demystifies the two terms to help you better understand what you are … [Read more...]

Lease Renewals: What is Fair Market Value?

As a business owner, you are not expected to know competitive rents, concessions, or what the fine print entails in your lease – landlords take advantage of this. When renewing your lease, how are you supposed to know what is considered fair market value? Does your lease contain an “option to renew” clause at fair market value (FMV)? Mazirow Commercial, Inc. discusses what fair market value is and the variety of factors that influence it.   What you don’t know will cost … [Read more...]

Parking Secrets Every Commercial Tenant Needs to Know

If you live in Southern California, you know that the perfect parking space is a tiny slice prime real estate when it comes to your business. You also know that depending on your type of business, your clients and customers can always appreciate convenient, or fare free parking when visiting your office building. Most commercial leases will address parking in a specific clause within the contract. Don’t overlook the specific details within this clause. According to the square footage of your … [Read more...]


The Strategies! Click here. Time often evaporates and tenants face the high cost of holdover rent. The four strategies addressed in the attached article will soften the impact. Mazirow Commercial is an Advocate for you the Tenant and never represents Landlords - no conflict of interest that is inherent in the standard brokerage model. Mazirow Commercial is always there for you, let us start working on your behalf today! Vacancy is being reduced, rates are raising and concessions are … [Read more...]

Mazirow ITRA’s New LA Affiliate!

ITRA Global Corporate Video Mazirow Commercial is the only choice for Tenant Representation. Mazirow Commercial elected as ITRA's Los Angeles Affiliate! We now can provide Tenant Representation Services through out the United States and Internationally. Our Difference is Your Advantage. We have no conflicts of interest We are devoted to representing only tenants and occupiers of commercial real estate. We use our expertise to negotiate on your behalf, focusing on … [Read more...]

Mazirow Gets Win-Win For Lamia Financial

Sheryl was an invaluable resource and advocate during our recent lease renewal.  She helped us through the negotiation process with utmost professionalism.  The end result was a win-win for us and for the property owner.  As a financial planning firm, we are well aware of the need to have trusted experts on your team, and we are grateful to have had Sheryl on our team. - Juan C. Ros, CFP® / Wealth Manger … [Read more...]

25 Cents Could Save You Thousands

The profitability of a business is directly impacted by the cost of office space. For example, a 25¢ differential for a 5,000 square-foot lease for a period of 5 years is $75,000. And that comes out of your pocket. What We Offer.To get the best lease possible you need to be in the same powerful and informed position as landlords. That’s what Mazirow Commercial provides you with. The expertise, proven negotiating strategies and in-depth commercial real estate knowledge that puts you on equal … [Read more...]

365 Days A Year Landlords Lease Office Space. How Often Do You?

Every day of the year, landlords lease office space. How often do you? Most likely, once every five years. The landlord’s goal, understandably, is to obtain the highest possible pricing from a tenant. It is essential that tenants create a competitive environment and sit at an even negotiating table with their landlord. What you don’t know can, and will, cost you. What don’t you know? Many hidden items in a lease that cost tenants money over a lease term, such as the pass-through of operating … [Read more...]

6 Things Landlords Will never Tell You

Option Rent: at market, NOT ; market or the last month’s rent if greater than market. (Always in small print on a lease). Guaranties: can be limited and reducing over the lease term. Remeasurement Of Premises: shall not result in an increase in square footage during lease term. Construction Management: fees can be limited to 3%. Right To Relocate: can be negotiated to provide for significant economic hurdles for the landlord to overcome. Operating Expenses: limits on what  can and cannot be … [Read more...]